The cinema cooperative «» is an open community of independent
filmmakers. The aim of the community is a development of collective filmmaking
forms and principles . The cinema cooperative exists by virtue of several events helded once a year,duting these events participants are divided into teams and shoot films according to given theme and (or) conditions. Finished works are screened in public and the best one is choosenby spectators. The latter is included in the competition program of Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Film Festival without any preselection and promoted by Producer Center of Independent Shorts.

Our principles:

1. RES NOVA – A team produces new ideas, create a whole new script. Nobody shoots his previously conceived film by dint of a team. We should negotiate an outside help for our own project, but only off the shooting process.

2. HEURISTICS – Everybody is interested in a joint search of new ideas that would inspire all the team during the whole process of film-making.

3. CONSTRUCTIVENESS – Denial of unreasoned negative word or denial without a counteroffer.

4.THE LEADER – There can be no team without an obvious and an explicit leader.

5. FREE TEAM BUILDING – if participant does not like the team, he can join another or create his own team.

Abidance of these basic rules as the experience shows is a condition of friendly and productive work.

The cinema cooperative «» was formed in November 2007 in Minsk.


winter-spring, 2008 — screen version of the story D.Harms “The Father and The Daughter” (two teams, two films)  
autumn, 2008 - the theme: closed audience (two teams,  films “Vyrai”, “Lecture”)  
 winter-spring, 2010 – theme: body (two teams, two films “Body”)
spring, 2012. – theme: apocalypse is cancelled; condition: silent film.
 (four teams, films “Kirland”, “Rendezvous”, “Forgiveness”, “The room”)

The films is maden outside of the joint activities with the friendly support of the cinema cooperative «»

Rotten inside (music video; the band “Zero silence”, 2009)
The sleep of reason (dir. А.Маrtyniuk, 2010)  
Sanitarium (dir. I.Bozhko, 2010)  
The family archives (dir. А.Polubinski, 2011)
Mahmadera’s Dreams,  documentary (dir. А.Polubinski, 2012)  

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